Geographical Location

Tayabas is at 14050 latitude east-southeast of Mount Banahaw and positioned between 14°01’40.3” N Latitude and 121°36’54.5” E Longitude. Bounded on the north by Lucban; Mauban on the east; Pagbilao to the south-east; Lucena City to the south; and Sariaya and Mount Banahaw to the west.

Distance from Lucena City and Manila

150 km. South-east of Manila and only about 10 km. from the provincial capital, Lucena City.


Soils of the area are Macolod Clay Loam, Ibaan Loam, Bolinao Clay Loam, Luisiana Sandy Clay Loam and Mountain Soil. (Source: Department of Soil Science University of the Philippines at Los Baños Laguna, June 1980


The slopes of Tayabas are level to nearly level (0-3%) nearly level to undulating (3-8%), undulating to rolling (18-30%), and steep to very steep (>50%).
Generally, areas with slopes of 0-18% are good farmlands suited for seasonal inter-tilled crops. Those with 18-30% slopes are best suited to agro-forestry, while those with greater than 50% slopes should be devoted to forest development or wildlife. (Source: National Mapping and Resource Information Authority (NAMRIA))



Second type of climate characterized by the absence of a distinct dry season.
Temperature is generally warmer for the month of April and May. Average temperature ranges are 23.9°C to 28.5°C for the year 2013.