Bayanihan Grant to Cities and Municipalities for the Month of December 2020

ANNUAL REPORT (BGCM December 2020):

• Other Related PPAs to Combat COVID-19

• COVID-19 Other Supplies – (Paid)

• COVID-19 Medical Supplies, PPESs and Other Essential Supplies – (Paid)

• Floor Signages/Marker for Physical Distancing Supplies – (Paid)

• Fogging Machine Disinfecting Solution – (Paid)

• Other Related PPAs to Combat COVID-19

• Bayanihan/Isolation/Muti-Purpose Building – (On-Going Construction)

• Other Professional fees and Payment for Fire Extinguishers, Emergency Light, Signages & Fire Alarm for Bayanihan/Isolation/Multi-Purpose Building – (Paid)

• New Water Connection Bayanihan Isolation and Multi-Purpose Building – (Paid)

• Professional Fees Signed and Sealed of Sanitary Engineer (Occupancy Application) Bayanihan/Isolation/Multi-Purpose Building – (Paid)

• Other Related PPAs to Combat COVID-19


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