Bulilit Health Workers

FRONTLINE SERVICE: Bulilit Health Workers

ABOUT THE SERVICE: In collaboration with the Quezon Medical Society and Deped Tayabas organized the Bulilit Health Workers Training Program. This has been adapted from the PMA’s (Philippine Medical Association) national health program for Grade 5 students which aims to teach and train them at an early age the basic health management, vital signs taking, first aid response, road safety, common childhood illnesses, sanitation and nutrition.

The whole training program was done for 8 sessions for 3 weeks. The topics discussed were as follows, basic anthropometric, strengthening one’s mental health, road safety for kids, accident and injuries in school, splinting and sling procedures, anatomy of the skin, skin care, smell disorder, tonsillitis, anatomy of the eyes, anatomy of the mouth, common dental concerns and preventive measures, personal hygiene, congenital heart disease, healthy lifestyle for children, anatomy of digestive system, common diseases of the GI tract, iron deficiency, smoking and vaping are dangerous to your health and steps for healthy kidney.


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