Issuance of Building Permit

FRONTLINE SERVICE: Issuance of Building Permit

SCHEDULE OF AVAILABILITY OF SERVICE: Everyday except weekends & Holidays

WHO MAY AVAIL OF THE SERVICE: Applicants for Building Permit


Accomplished prescribed application form/s
• In case the applicant is the registered owner of the lot Clear copy of TCT/OCT, on file with the Register of Deeds; Tax Declaration; and Current Real Property Tax Receipt (3 clear copies each)

• In case the applicant is not the registered owner of the lot: Duly notarized Copy of Contract of Lease, or Deed of Absolute Sale or Owner’s Consent or any other legal documents to prove right to build on lot (3 clear copies)

• Two (2) copies of lot survey plans signed and sealed by Geodetic Engineer.

• Five (5) original copies of Unified Application Form for Building Permit signed & sealed by Architect/Civil Engineer; notarized

• Five (5) original copies of applicable Ancillary Permit Forms

                    ➤ Electrical Permit signed & sealed by Professional Electrical Engineer

                    ➤ Sanitary Permit signed & sealed by Professional Sanitary Engineer

                    ➤ Mechanical Permit signed & sealed by Professional Mechanical Engineer

                    ➤ Electronics Permit signed & sealed by Professional Electronics Engineer

• Five (5) original copies of applicable applicable Accessory Permit Forms

                    ➤ Ground Preparation and Excavation signed & sealed by Architect/ Civil Engineer

                    ➤ Fencing Permit (for fence not exceeding 1.8 m high) signed & sealed by Architect/ Civil Engineer

• One (1) original copy of Locational Clearance

• One (1) carbon copy of Fire Safety Evaluation Clearance

• Affidavit of Undertaking


• Submit photocopies of PRC ID and PTR of professionals who signed the plans and application forms

• Requirements of the National Building Code Compliance with BP 344 (Accessibility Law) Fire Code Requirements

• Secure clearance for any structure to be constructed along the National/Provincial Road from DPWH(Department of Public Works and Highways)/ PEO (Provincial Engineering Office)

• Boring Test is required for Three (3) stories & above and Soil Exploration shall also be required for lower buildings at areas with potential geological hazards.

                    ➤ One borehole for every 200m

                    ➤ Two boreholes for less than 300m

                    ➤ Three boreholes more than 300m 2 (SOURCE: NSCP 2010 ed)

• Bill of Materials, Technical Specifications & Structural Analysis

• Voltage Drop Calculations & Short Circuit Electrical Analysis

• Construction notes is included in Structural requirements.

• NTC Certificate (National Telecommunications Commissions) for Radio Station, TV Station & Cell site Tower

• Construction Safety & Program approved by DOLE is required for buildings with high population.

• Hydraulic Calculation for structures with AFSS (Automatic Fire Suppression System)

• Heat load Calculation for highly technical structures

• Layout Installation Requirements, Location in the Structural plan signed & sealed by Civil Engr (public & private buildings)

                    ➤ Hospitals, schools & other buildings (above 50 m high) – 3 accelerographs

                    ➤ Hospitals w/ 50 bed capacity or more; schools w/ 20 classrooms or more but both not less than 3 storey – 1 accelerograph

                    ➤ Government Offices (Provincial/City/Municipal) – 1 accelerograph

                    ➤ Buildings above 50 m high – 3 accelerograph

                    ➤ Commercial bldgs. w/ at least 1000 persons or gross FA of at least 10000 sq m – 1 accelerograph

                    ➤ Industrial Buildings w/ occupancy of at least 1000 persons and gross FA of at least 10000 sq m – 1 accelerograph

• Special Power of Attorney shall be required if the owner is not the signatory to the application forms, plans and other pertinent documents.

*1. All application forms must be properly filled-up with all the required information and signature. 2. For easy facilitation, please check compliance of the following before submitting plans and pertinent documents to the Office of the Building Official

Wednesdays & Fridays – Illegal construction, Pre-inspection

Every day except weekends & Holidays

FEES: Based on the National Building Code of the Philippines (PD 1096)


Transaction Type PROCESSING TIME (in Working Days except weekends & holidays)
Three (3)
Seven (7)
Highly Technical
Twenty (20)


1 Submission of Documentary Requirement Receiving, Initial Checking & Encoding M. Rabina 20minutes Customer Service Feedback Form: Form 1 – end of transaction feedback form available in the offices Form 2 – random survey/ walk-in complaint form available in PACO
2 Pre – Inspection Z. Cademia/ V. Celemin/ J. Sioco 20minutes Pre – Inspection Report/ Checklist/ Transmittal
3 Compliance for Corrections/ Submission of Additional documents (if needed) Evaluation (Line & Grade, Architectural, Structural, Electrical, Sanitary/ Plumbing, Mechanical & Electronics)Endorsement for re- evaluation E. Enriquez/ G. Oabel/ A. Quevada/ J. Sioco/ M. Salvan/ F. Pacaigue Simple – 2 hrs Complex – 5 hrs Highly Technical – 8 hrs NOTE : time is applicable for each evaluator for each section Building Permit Forms & Plans
4 b. Payment If complied: a.Assessment c.Recording d.Releasing F. Pacaigue/ M. Jarena/ M. Rabina 10 minutes 10 minutes 20 minutes 10 minutes Order of Payment Official Receipt Building Permit CertificateCustomer Service Feedback Form: Form 1 – end of transaction feedback form available in the offices Form 2 – random survey/ walk-in complaint form available in PACO


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