Caravan and Mobile Health Services

FRONTLINE SERVICE: Caravan and Mobile Health Services

ABOUT THE SERVICE: Caravan (every Tuesdays) and Mobile Health ( every Thursdays) are outreach healthcare services that involve a specially designed vehicle or caravan equipped with medical facilities, equipment’s, and personnel to provide medical services to underserved or far-flung barangays.

Caravan and Mobile Health services travel to various locations, bringing healthcare services directly to the doorstep of communities that may have limited access to traditional healthcare facilities.

CONTACT PERSON: Maria Graciela D. De Leon, MD, MPM, FPOGS, MH MERT Team Leader

CONTACT NUMBER: (042) 373-4074

    ➤ Mobile Consultation
    ➤ Laboratory Tests:
          • Complete Blood Count with Platelet Count
          • Urinalysis
          • Hepa B Test
          • Pregnancy Test
          • Blood Extraction for Blood chemistry
          • Dengue NS1
    ➤ Electrocardiogram (ECG)
    ➤ Chest X-ray examination
    ➤ Eyecare Screening
    ➤ Medicine Dispensing


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