City Agriculture Office -TIFARC


The Department of Agriculture is a government agency responsible for the promotion of agricultural
development by providing the policy frameworks, public investments and support services needed for domestic and export- oriented business enterprises. It shall also use a bottom – up self-reliant farm
system approach that will emphasize social justice, equity, productivity and sustainability un the use of
agricultural resources.


The Department ‘s vision is a competitive, sustainable and technology- based agriculture and fishery
sector. Driven by productive and progressive farmers and fisherfolk, supported by efficient value chains
and well-integrated in the domestic and international markets contributing to inclusive growth and
poverty reduction.


To help and empower the farming and fishing communication and fishing communities and the private
sector to produce enough, accessible and affordable food for every Filipino and a descents income for all.

Contact Details:

Department Head


City Agriculturist

Organizational Outcome:

1. Productivity in the Agriculture and Fisheries sector increased;
2. Forward linkage to the Industry and Services sectors increased; and
3. Sector resilience to climate change risk increased

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