City Tourism Office

City Tourism Office


As adopted from the national government, the Tourism Office in the local government shall be the
primary, planning, programming, coordinating implementing and regulatory department in the
development and promotion of the tourism industry in Tayabas


We envision TOURISM that celebrates the Tayabasin way of life, cuisines, rituals and festivals; provides resilient and inclusive infrastructure and facilities; promotes a viable economy through the integration of local industries; fosters a safe, healthy and caring community; and protects the forests, biodiversity and water resources in Mt. Banahaw and other ecosystems through the active participation and responsible actions of its citizens, local government, business enterprises, and civil society.


To work in e development of the tourism industry in Tayabas by

  • Implementation of Tourism Master Plan
  • Implementation of the Tourism Code
  • Regulating the accreditation of tourism-related industries in Tayabas
  • Documenting tourist arrivals
  • Developing new tourist destinations/sites in Tayabas
  • Creating partnership with stakeholders civil society.

Contact Details:

Section Head


Senior Tourism Operations Officer

Tayabas City Tourism Office

  • 1st floor Casa Comunidad de Tayabas, Brgy. San Roque Zone 1, Tayabas City, Quezon Province
  • (042) 717-9558

Tourist Information and Assistance Center

  • Bandstand, Brgy. San Roque Zone 1, Tayabas City, Quezon Province
  • (042) 717-6621
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